Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ : General

What does Gith implement for security purpose ?

During your account creation, an RSA-2048 key pair is generated on your computer by using the random data created by your drawing.
Your public key is sent to our servers and associated with your account.
This RSA-Keypair is stored on your computer and protected with the given password (AES-256 CBC and SHA1)

All the sent and received data are saved in containers working as file systems, ciphered with AES-256 and protected by your RSA public key.
When you accept a contact request, the server sends the respective public keys to both clients.. Those keys will now be used for all communications with this user : all data are ciphered on your computer and will be deciphered only when reaching their recipient.
All data stored on your device, our servers, your contact device and in transit are then secured !

Why do I only have 100 Mb of free storage where I can have Gigabytes on other services ?

Most "free" services, like Gmail, pay themselves using advertising.
It is in those services interest that you store a maximum amount of clear data on their servers : they will use them to add targeted advertising. You pay this service with your private life.
Gith Security Systems protects your data, we don't have access to your communications and we do not add advertising anywhere.
You should then compare 1Gb of "private open data" with 100Mb of "private secured data" !

FAQ : The "Profile" application

How can I edit my profile ?

The "Profile" application can be used to update information set during your account creation.
The "Optional part" fields allows you to set information that will only be visible to your contacts.
Fields marked with a '*' character can be found using the yellow pages and can be searched through it.

If you want to hide these fields, uncheck the "I want to appear in users directory" box.
Sending a contact request to you will now require to know your user name.

How can I change my password ?

On the "Profile" application, type your current password, then the new one.
This change will only affect the current device. Passwords are used to protect your private key on the disk and are never used on the network.

How can I re-export my key (QR Code) ?

During your account creation, you should already have exported your key (saved to an external device or printed).
If you have lost this copy, you can re-export your key from the "Profile" application.
Click on "Export QRCode", your password will be asked to prevent malicious extraction of your key.
You can now re-export your key, in a dry and safe place, disconnected from the internet.

How can I check my online quotas ?

The "Profile" applications show : A document shared with multiple users is counted only once.

FAQ : The "Contacts" application

How can I add a new contact ?

Open the "Contact" application : The "QuickSearch" zone can be used to find a contact using its user name, if you already know it. Type its name then press Enter key.
If you don't know its user name, you can find it using his name, first name, city or country. You can use the character '*' for approximative searches (Ex. : City "Portsm*"). Click then on "Search".

Gith shows the result as a list of users, click on one of them, then on "Send a request".
If your contact accepts this request, you will be allowed to communicate with him through Gith.

How can I accept/decline a contact request ?

The left part of the "Contact" application shows all your current contacts and pending requests.
Click one contact in the state "Pending request" then click on the "Accept/Decline" button.

How can I remove a contact ?

Select the contact you want to remove in the "Contact" application then click on the "Remove" button.
You will also be removed from its contact list. You can still read mails sent by this contact.
Documents shared by him are no longer available.

FAQ : The "Mail" application

How can I send an e-mail ?

Launch the "Mail" application.
Click then on the "New" button, a new edition window appears.
Enter the mail subject, then click on "To :". Select on the new contact list window the recipients of this message.

You can now enter the body of your email under the section "Attachments". When your mail is ready, click on "Send".
Your message will be sent to our servers and delivered when their recipients will be online.

How can I add an attachment ?

When writing a new mail, click on the "Attachments" zone, a selection window appears.
This window show current attachments and allows you to :
The same way, when you receive an email with attachments you can :

How can I send en e-mail to an adresse like, ... ?

This is just impossible, because your recipient would not be able to decrypt your message and read it !
Gith only allows you to communicate with other Gith users, to guarantee a complete and real secure service.

What are the icons under the mail folders for ?

Three icons are shown on this part of the "Mail" application :

How can I move an email to a folder ?

On the listing part of the "Mail" application, right click on the appropriate line and select the destination folder.
On Mac OS X you can also drag and drop mails from a folder to another one.
"Contacts" folders regroup mails by their sender, you can thus not move mails to them.

FAQ : The "QuickMessage" application

How can I start a new conversation ?

Launch the "QuickMessage" application. The right part of the window show the list of your contacts.
Click on one of them, a chat window appears, showing your conversation history.

FAQ : The "Documents" application

What does mean the three "views" of this application ?

The "Documents" application show three views :

How can I import or export a document ?

A file imported into Gith is stored on your computer in a totally secured way.
Launch the "Documents" application, then click on the green arrow at the bottom left and select the requested file.
To export a document from Gith, select it then click on the red arrow.

How can I store a document online ?

On the view "My Documents", then select your document the click "Store on server". The file is then transmitted to our servers and stored ciphered, it is now displayed with a green icon.
If you connect from another computer, the file appear in "blue". Click on "Local Copy" to download this file.

How can I open a file and apply modifications to it ?

If you have a local copy of a document, double click on it from the view "My Documents" or "My Shared Documents".
The file is un-ciphered and copied on your temporary path. It is then opened using the default system application for this file type.

The temporary file will be deleted when you close the associated application (on Window platforms) or when you unlog from Gith (OS X).
If you apply modifications, Gith will ask you if you want import them before deleting the temporary file.

How can I fetch a file shared with me ?

Select the view "Drop Box". Files are grouped by sender.
Select the requested file then click "Download". The downloaded file will be found on the view "My Documents", in the "Download" folder.

How can I share a file ?

In the view "My Documents", select the requested file then click on "Share". A new window will allow you to select the recipients.
You can also choose to leave this document available to your contacts until a specific date.

FAQ : Your account

How can I increase my storage quotas ?

This function is not available during the beta-test.
Later, you will be allowed, through an annual subscription, to increase your quotas directly on our website.

How can I delete my account ?

Open the "Profile" application and uncheck "I want to appear in the user's directory". Remove then all your contacts in the "Contacts" application.
Remove all your "Stored" and "Shared" documents from the "Documents" application and stored folders from the "Mail" application.
Where "xxxxx" is your operating system's user name, and "yyyyyy" your account on Gith you want to to delete.

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