22/07/2013 Next release

The next update of Gith will include several bugfixes on Gith user interface, password changing and other troubles on the Mail application.
This update will be proposed to you directly through the Gith interface, on your next connection.

We will also release the "Travel" version of Gith, allowing you to install Gith on an USB stick. Thanks to this version, all your data are also stored on the stick, nothing is left on the host computer.
Perfect for your next move !

-- Benoit

24/07/2013 Article on LePoint.fr

I've been glad to met Guerric Poncet, reporter at Point.fr recently. He wrote a very nice article about us (in French) !

-- Benoit

22/07/2013 Security alert on our hosting service (OVH)

OVH has announced today that hackers entered successfully on their local network recently and stole the user database, including "password hashes" ().
"Password Hashes" cannot be used directly to access OVH control panel, or our servers. The attacker needs to "guess" the password associated to the hash value, which can take some time, especially when passwords are strong.
In brief : this gave us enough time to change all our passwords.

What consequences for Gith and your data on our servers ?
None ! No-one accessed to our servers last days and we have changed all our passwords.
Anyway, even if attackers had any access to our data, those are ciphered and then completely useless ...

                        -- Benoit