Gith is actually available as a Beta-Test product for MacOS and Windows.
By downloading and installing a beta version of Gith above, you accept the following specific terms of use.

Specific terms of use

A beta test allows a team of software engineers to stabilize a product by proposing it to a restricted set of user.
Gith Security Systems keeps the right to close temporarily the creation of new accounts in the meaning of limiting the number of testers.

A lot of tests have already been made, nevertheless some residual bugs may appear.
By choosing to participate to this beta-test, you accept to report all found bugs by mail to the following address : [email protected]

Technical updates might take place on our servers, which would cause service interruptions for periods of 15 minutes.

By participating to this beta-test you understand that you might loose part or all the sent, received or stored data with Gith. However we will do the most to avoid such critical situations. The section 3.2 of the Terms of Use is then cancelled during the whole beta-test phase and you must also accept the terms of paragraph 3.3.


Gith is actually available for Mac OSX (version 10.5 and above) and Windows (XP above).
A Linux version will be available soon and iPhone/Android will follow.

Your are traveling ? You want to bring Gith with you ? Try "Gith Travel" !
Unzip the archive on an USB stick, you will find on it Gith binaries.
Once plugged on any computer, all your data will be saved on the key !

Gith Security Systems is a company developing Gith a free secured communications platform on the Internet. With Gith, share emails, documents and chat with your contacts in a complete private way ! We also provide security and cryptographic products/services for small companies.